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Core Skills for Advancement
Course Purpose

This course focuses on eight core skills that are fundamental to advancing a career in any organization. Students will complete a selfassessment instrument to help them identify their individual strengths and opportunities for improvement in each of the eight core skill areas. Results of the self-assessment are confidential and will be kept and evaluated only by each attendee (nothing will be collected). There are direct connections between an individual’s dominant behavior style and these eight core skill areas. Guidance will be provided, based on the DISC Personal Profile model, to help students deal more effectively with those connections that are enablers as well as those connections that are distractions (it is assumed that students will have already completed the DISC assessment in advance of taking this course). This course is designed to help individuals who already possess strong technical knowledge and functional job task skills to examine the broader range of human skills consistently found in successful people who consistently receive favorable management recognition and tend to advance their careers more quickly.

Target Audience

All personnel.

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Course Length - 1 Day
Classroom Hours: 8 hours or .8 CEUs
Cost: $6,000.00
  • Introduce the 8 core skills for success in organizations
  • Help students identify own developmental needs in regards to those skills
  • Match solutions to particular skill set needs and students’ DISC behavior style
  • Introduction to principles of success
  • The eight core skills
  • Self assessment and debrief
  • Specific strategies for gaining experience in all eight skills
  • Impact of dominant behavior (DISC) style on core skills is explored in detail
  • This course is very interactive with minimum of lecture. Emphasis on industry standards for adult learning methods.

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