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Difficult Conversations
Course Purpose

Any conversation that causes us to plan, rehearse, lose sleep, develop another plan, and so on, has the potential to be difficult. A bad situation can go to worse in no time. No matter how competent we are in our jobs, we all have conversations that cause anxiety and frustration and consume valuable time and energy. This workshop will prepare participants to be more effective in their work and personal relationships.


Whatever your job requires, you likely have to communicate with others. Most of the time, communications between colleagues, mentors, supervisors, and customers are routine. Occasionally difficult issues come to the surface that complicate projects and departments. It is when those challenging communications arise that each employee wants to be confident in his or her own communication, conflict management and negotiation skills.

Target Audience

All personnel.

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Course Length - 1 Day
Classroom Hours: 8 hours or .8 CEUs
Cost: $6,000.00
  • Identify distinguishing features of difficult conversations
  • Analyze troubling situations, exploring commonalities and patterns
  • Teach framework for discerning timing and other circumstances that impact conversations
  • Outline considerations of intense feelings on all sides of the conversations
  • Prepare for tumult of identity issues that emerge in difficult conversations
  • Teach guideposts for navigating the conversations
  • How to recognize conflict early and mitigate damage to relationships in the workplace
  • An orientation to mediation in the workplace
  • How to analyze the nature of a particular conflict
  • Things to consider in preparation for a difficult conversation
  • Provide better understanding of how to negotiate through difficult conversations
  • Maintaining relationships in conflicted settings
  • This course is very interactive with minimum of lecture. Emphasis on industry standards for adult learning methods.

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