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Formal Mentoring Programs – Construction and Implementation


Course Purpose

This workshop provides background theory and practical steps to implementing formal mentoring programs: marketing, participant orientation, matching partners, training, evaluation, and reporting. It is essential to any organization that is considering a formal mentoring program.


For centuries, mentors have offered valuable advancement strategies and protection at critical points in a person’s career development. However, the traditional, good-old-boy mentoring approach has changed. Today’s mentors support rather than direct—and stretch rather than protect. The traditional approach made sense several decades ago when most organizations were structured as hierarchies and valued stability, seniority and status quo.

Today’s work environment demands a different approach. Rather than smooth the way to advancement, today’s mentors, empower employees to respond effectively in the context of ongoing events. Although having access to a mentor does not guarantee advancement, having the wise counsel and advice of an experienced colleague can help employees move ahead, learn how to handle various situations and avoid some of the pitfalls that can derail a career or delay a promotion.

This course is very interactive with minimum of lecture. Emphasis is placed on industry standards for adult learning methods.

Target Audience

All training and leadership professionals responsible for Human Capital initiatives.

* This Course may be lengthened to 2 days.
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Course Length - 1* Days
Classroom Hours: 8 hours or .8 CEUs
Cost: $6,000.00
  • Define mentoring
  • Contrast and compare formal and informal mentoring programs
  • Outline benefits to mentors, mentorees, and the organization
  • Describe Dynamic Mentoring Training
  • Outline roles and responsibilities for mentors and mentorees
  • Describe in detail the Dynamic Mentoring web tool: application, matching, mentoring agreement, mentoring action plan, online surveys, and reports
  • Equip executives with information necessary to choose the tool that would best fit the needs of their organization
  • Equip same with practical steps to implementing formal mentoring programs: marketing, participant orientation, matching partners, training, evaluation, and reporting.
  • A primer on mentoring in the 21st century program
  • Optional variables to consider in construction of mentoring programs
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Design, implementation, and execution of formal mentoring programs, customized to specific organizations
  • Metrics and reporting

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