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Succession Planning
Program Purpose

Our goal is to establish a dynamic staffing strategy that allows our clients to attract, recruit, hire, develop, and retain a highperforming and adaptable workforce. We design and implement a knowledge management framework based on our industry-leading formal mentoring program, which includes customized leadership training aligned with your strategic goals.

AMCI's nationally recognized consultants are renowned for their unique ability to listen to each customer's needs and goals and design a succession planning program to achieve those goals.


Every organization that hopes to thrive over the long term must do the proper planning. How people are recruited and developed makes the crucial difference in quality of life for the organization and its varied stakeholders whether they are a small number of interested parties, a large body of stockholders, or the general public. Many companies and agencies wait until the issue has grown into problematic proportions before taking necessary actions which would have been manageable had they been addressed early on. Let us help you answer the necessary questions beforehand in a controlled but creative environment while the matter is manageable.

Target Audience

High management levels.

  • Assess overall current and future requirements (business needs) and the risk the business faces if appropriate talent is not available to address these requirements
  • Help identify critical job requirements with associated functions and competencies for organizational success
  • Analyze the most successful current performers
  • Utilize an extensive behavioral database to develop competency models predictive of success in the specific key positions
  • Identify the potential leadership population
  • People analysis - Assessment of individuals using state of the art methods and tools
    • Behavioral Milestone Interviews - uncover character-related attributes necessary for success in particular key positions
    • Threshold competency inventory - does this individual have the basic qualifications for a particular position?
    • Differentiating competency inventory - does this individual have the competencies especially required for a particular position or the potential to grow into the position?
    • DISC - behavioral styles
    • MBTI - personality/preferences type
  • High Potential Candidates (and current high performers) development, training, and certification; results in flexible and learning organization, poised for challenge and success
    • Leadership assessment and feedback
    • Exposure to leadership
    • Rotational assignments
    • Emotional Intelligence curriculum
    • Formal mentoring programs
    • Organizational clarity
    • Executive coaching services
    • Diversity awareness and good practices
    • Business Ethics

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